Dear Someone Somewhere - Audio Letters Podcast

Introduction to Season One

September 09, 2021 Good Morning Sam Season 1 Episode 1
Dear Someone Somewhere - Audio Letters Podcast
Introduction to Season One
Show Notes

Welcome to the Dear Someone Somewhere Audio Letters Podcast!

Using personal, non-linear writing, this podcast is a documentation about working and moving through struggles related to adoption, loss, and religious indoctrination. Dear Someone Somewhere is also an invitation to use writing to process events in our lives where we do not have words for.

The audio recorded entries in this podcast are from my 4th collection of poetry and prose because I feel not all poems want to live inside a book and we need new paradigms in literature. 

A special thank you to everyone who participated in making this first installation happen. Big thank you to Sacha Archer for the intro music.

Tune Out to Tune In

Full Bio
Good Morning Sam (Sam Roxas-Chua 姚) is the author of Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater, Echolalia in Script, and Fawn Language. His poems, artworks, and asemic writings have appeared in journals including Narrative, December Magazine, Cream City Review and an essay/review of his two recent books appears in the Georgia Review and Rhino Poetry. His poetry sequence Diary of Collected Summers was awarded the Missouri Review’s Miller Audio Prize and most recently he was interviewed by Gulf Coast Journal. In his writing process, Sam is interested in discovering the invisible poem.

Sam is a multilingual speaker and a foundling.  His life began as a domestic/transracial adoptee and transcultural after his family moved to northern america. Sam has exhibited his visual works and read for PEN International Philippines and at the Performatura literature and arts festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. 

Current 2021-2022 projects include an 8-week artists/writer in residence at Portland Chinatown Museum and a visiting guest writer in Portland State University in February 2022.